What issues can I help you with?

I have experience in working with adults, adolescents and children with a variety of issues:

• Addictions
• Adolescent difficulties
• Anxiety/panic attacks
• Abuse- physical, emotional or sexual
• Bereavement
• Depression
• Eating disorders
• Illness
• Low self esteem
• Post- natal depression
• Psychosexual difficulties
• Rape and sexual abuse
• Relationship difficulties
• Self harm
• Sexuality difficulties
• Trauma
• Work related issues

This list of issues is compiled from my experience with previous clients. You may be able to immediately identity your concern from this list. However, you may feel that your problem is not reflected here or that you are unable to identity exactly how you feel.

Every individual is complex and life experiences are not easy to categorize or label. I am here to help you explore your feelings so that you will be able to understand the reasons behind your discomfort, and be able to find the right solutions.

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