Bereavement counselling /Grief and Loss

Bereavement counselling /Grief and Loss

Bereavement counselling is one of the services I provide at Enlighten Counselling Service.

A loss may come in many guises, a personal bereavement of a loved one, relationship, friendship or job loss and any unplanned loss or ending.

A loss can leave you feeling bereft and experiencing grief. Although grief is a normal response to a loss, it takes time to move through the stages of grief and the feelings can ebb and flow. 

As human beings we form natural attachments to fulfil our basic needs. As a result it is extremely difficult to experience grief despite that it is a natural process. 

Sometimes the sharing of grief with family and friends can be difficult, as they are experiencing loss too. It also has a deep effect if we have an experience of loss that is unexpected. This can leave us with so many questions but a potential inability to get answers.

A client may decide to come to counselling to have a private space to discuss their feelings of loss confidentially. Consequently they feel able to speak freely about their feelings of loss and grief. This gives them the ability to start to process the loss and the emotions attached to it. Please get in touch to discover how I can help you with bereavement counselling.