Seeking therapy? Here are some issues I can help with

At Enlighten Counselling Service I aim to provide my clients with the best therapy for any issue they may be dealing with. If you are seeking therapy, discover some of the issues that I can help with below.

Coping with depression

We all experience low mood, feeling upset or down at times. What happens when we have prolonged feelings like these, that are continuous and impact on us trying to live our lives normally? We may call this low mood or depression.

Seeking therapy

Post-natal depression counselling

Post-natal depression counselling can help you with the issues you may be aware of after the birth of your child. It might also affect the father.

Seeking therapy for Post-natal depression?

Dealing with anxiety/panic attack

Anxiety is a normal fearful reaction to a threat or dangerous situation. It is however possible to feel a heightened sense of anxiety when the surrounding situation is not as dangerous, even though in your mind it feels that it is.


Bereavement counselling / Grief & Loss

A loss may come in many guises, a personal bereavement of a loved one, relationship, friendship or job loss and any unplanned loss or ending.

Counselling for self esteem/confidence

We all have times when we are feeling more confident about ourselves and occasions when we feel dissatisfied or unhappy with ourselves.


Anger management counselling

Anger is an emotion we all experience throughout our lives. We all express anger in many different ways and it can be a positive emotion if used in an appropriate manner.

Seeking therapy to help anger management?

Self-harm counselling

Self-harm is a term given to the many ways a person may act to potentially harm themselves.

Seeking therapy for self-harm?

OCD counselling (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

OCD is recognised as a common mental health condition. It affects adults and children, most often experienced in adulthood but has also been recognised in teenage years.

Seeking therapy for OCD?

Eating disorder counselling

Our eating relationship with food can vary from person to person. It is possible for any individual regardless of age or gender to have a problem with food.

Seeking therapy for Eating issues?

Abuse counselling

Abuse can come in one of many traumatic forms, whether physical, emotional, neglect or sexual. A person may attend therapy because their experiences of abuse are impacting their ability to lead their life in the way they would like to.

Seeking therapy for Abuse?

Relationship counselling

You may be experiencing difficulties in a personal or professional relationship and perhaps feel stuck, isolated and confused or experiencing a relationship breakdown or ending.

Seeking therapy for Relationship issues?

Psychosexual counselling

You may be experiencing a mental or emotional condition called psychosexual dysfunction, this describes problems one might have getting sexually aroused or satisfaction in sex.

Seeking therapy for psychosexual difficulties?

Child counselling

I have enjoyed working with many young people over the years. Many of the presenting issues with young children are often school related issues…

Young children issues

Teen counselling

Being a teenager can sometimes feel very overwhelming and a young person may feel confused by so many emotions making it difficult to understand and handle.

Adolescent difficulties

Please feel free to contact me if you are seeking therapy and have some other issue that I might be able to help you with.