Self-harm counselling

Self-harm counselling

What is self-harm counselling?

Self-harm is a term given to the many ways a person may act to potentially harm themselves.

Some forms of self-harm appear to be more acceptable that others e.g smoking, drinking or compulsively working ignoring self-care.

Other forms of hurting might be cutting, burning, picking skin, scratching, banging head, pulling hair or eyelashes out, taking excessive tablets and many other ways.

Self- harm usually occurs as a form of release or punishment when an individual is trying to cope with difficult thoughts and feelings. Perhaps they are feeling depressed, stressed, angry, in a difficult relationship or sexual identity to name a few.

Self-harm is often wrongly perceived as a suicide threat, enjoyable, fashionable or attention seeking, it is none of these things.

Accessing therapy through self-harm counselling may give you a chance to understand why you do it. It will also give you an insight into what other ways of coping you might alternatively use.

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